Problem Horse Training/ Understanding the Problem Horse


Problem horse training is a matter of educating the owner to help them solve whatever problem they may be having with their horse. The reason the horse is having a problem is not because he was born that way or has decided to act that way to frustrate their owner.

Horses do not act mean or rude because they want to, they don’t think that way. They are only reacting to a situation in which they do not understand. It is the responsibility of the horse owner to learn how to get a positive reaction through their problem horse training by understanding how to communicate on a level the horse will understand.

All too often the owner misinterprets situations and tries to solve it the only way they can think of and soon it develops into a larger problem. Take for example a horse that throws their head or rears. The solution would be to put a tie-down on him, right? This is the obvious solution but what if the horse then responds by becoming more unmanageable. The owner becomes frustrated and eventually will feel they have no other choice but to send the horse down the road. This horse is then labeled as a problem horse and will be treated as such.

This same horse might then be in the hands of a new owner whose problem horse training solution is to use heavy hands, sometimes to the point of physically abusing them. The problem then escalates until the horse feels he constantly has to defend himself. This horse now not only has the head tossing or rearing problem but he now kicks bites, strikes, and bucks. The horse is then considered rank and ends up at the killers.

problem-horse-training-1This may seem like an extreme example but it happens more often than you would like to know. This whole scenario could have been avoided if the original owner took the time to learn problem horse training through patience and understanding. My point is, stop, take your time and think about what you are doing with your horse. Try to understand what your horse is telling you through his reactions. Back up and try again. If something doesn’t work, take a different approach and never lose your temper. There is a way to achieve your goal if you present the task in a different manner.

If you have a problem horse, do not approach the situation by saying “My horse has a problem” but by asking, “How can I relate what I want in a way he can understand?” The key is to educate yourself. Read, watch videos, go to seminars, do everything you can to help you understand how to communicate with your horse. Learn how to solve your problem horse and you will be pleasantly surprised how it will help strengthen the bond between you.

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