Horse Training Tips/ Ground Manners are Essential

Learning horse training tips to establish good ground manners can make all the difference in having a well-behaved horse and one that may be a problem. A common complaint among horse owners is the lack of ground manners and without them it can detract from the pleasure of horse ownership.

1. Walk Quietly A horse should walk beside you calmly while paying attention to you at all times. When you ask your horse to back up, or step to the side he should do so willingly without any resistance. He shouldn’t pull you, drag you, hang back or push into you. Teaching your horse to lead properly is the basis for almost every other aspect of good manners.

2. Stand Tied QuietlyStanding quietly while tied, whether to a post, beside a trailer, a tree or in cross ties is essential. You’ll want to tie your horse to groom, clean hoofs, tack up, harness up, or just to keep him safely out of the way while you attend to other matters. This horse training tip is very important as your horse will spend a lot of time tied and a fidgety horse can be a danger to anyone around him.

3. Allows to be CaughtWhether your horse is in a stall or out to pasture, it is vital your horse can be caught quietly. There is nothing more frustrating than having planned an hour of riding, training or any other activity and have that time taken up chasing after your horse because he doesn’t want to be caught. Things can get dangerous if your horse feels cornered and the only escape is running over you. Learn horse training tips to help you overcome this issue.

4. Allow to Be Touched All Over Your horse should let you touch every part of his body. Often ears, muzzle, sheath or udder, between legs, and chest are sensitive spots that many horses object to having handled. But these areas need to be cleaned, or dressed if they are injured. Teach your horse to have these areas groomed and touched.

5. Load into a Trailer – A horse that won’t load in a trailer quietly isn’t just frustrating—it can be dangerous. You may not plan to leave your property with your horse but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t learn to get in a trailer. Emergencies can happen and you may have to take your horse to the vet. Often horses who don’t lead well, also don’t load well.

Teach your horse these ground manners and you will see an improvement in all aspects of handling and riding your horse. If you have a horse you enjoy being around, you will be rewarded with a bond like no other.

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2 Responses to “Horse Training Tips/ Ground Manners are Essential”

  1. sheaye Says:

    seeing from the horses point of view:

    all the following steps above mean nothing to the horse untill you gain its trust and see through the horses eyes, you as a human are a preditor to a horse so there for the are going to defend themselfs.. pat parelli teaches you how to she from the horses perspective. always stay calm, collected and conserntrated.. never show agression toward horses and your frindship with your horse will run smoothly.

  2. sheaye Says:

    key fact:

    its never the horses fault never blame your horse EVER!!

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