Problem Horse Training/ Understanding the Problem Horse


Problem horse training is a matter of educating the owner to help them solve whatever problem they may be having with their horse. The reason the horse is having a problem is not because he was born that way or has decided to act that way to frustrate their owner.

Horses do not act mean or rude because they want to, they don’t think that way. They are only reacting to a situation in which they do not understand. It is the responsibility of the horse owner to learn how to get a positive reaction through their problem horse training by understanding how to communicate on a level the horse will understand.

Horse Training Tips/ Ground Manners are Essential

Learning horse training tips to establish good ground manners can make all the difference in having a well-behaved horse and one that may be a problem. A common complaint among horse owners is the lack of ground manners and without them it can detract from the pleasure of horse ownership.

1. Walk Quietly A horse should walk beside you calmly while paying attention to you at all times. When you ask your horse to back up, or step to the side he should do so willingly without any resistance. He shouldn’t pull you, drag you, hang back or push into you. Teaching your horse to lead properly is the basis for almost every other aspect of good manners.

Trailer Training a Horse/ Loading a Horse in a Trailer Can Test Your Patience

When trailer training a horse the ideal situation would be to start them at a very young age so when they see a trailer it’s just a normal everyday event. Unfortunately not everyone has that luxury and usually gets a horse that has already had a bad experience with a trailer.

It usually means they have been forced into a trailer with an impatient owner or maybe tossed around during the drive and had to scramble to keep standing which made them fearful. There are some horses that just simply refuse to get in because they can. Whatever their past experience is, it doesn’t change the fact that they won’t get in.