Horse Training Methods/ Connect With Your Horse Through Natural Horsemanship


The definition of Natural Horsemanship is the philosophy of working, riding and training a horse by appealing to their herd mentality and instincts in an easy and kind manner. This method has become very popular in the past two decades and has slowly replaced inhumane practices used in some methods of training. The ultimate goal is to have a calmer, happier and more willing equine partner. 

As you train your horse, it can be frustrating when you are not sure how to communicate to your horse what you are asking of him. I have been there many times in my 22 years of horse ownership and have searched for answers through the many trainers out there with all of their various horse training methods. 

Horses are a herd animal and if you watch them in their natural habitat, it would help you to understand much of their behavior. A day in the life of a horse will consist of eating, sleeping, playing, grooming each other and vying for position in their herd. Most people think the stallion is the leader of the group when in fact it is the lead mare that makes all the decisions. She decides when they eat or sleep and dishes out the discipline when any horse gets out of control. This is all done through her body language. Imitating the “alpha” mare’s behavior will help you in any aspect of handling your horse.  

horse-training-methods-2Through this concept, it is possible for anyone to learn how to connect with their horse. For years I have read, watched videos and attended seminars of many trainers whose horse training methods I believe in and have found what works best for me.

The key to any successful training program is finding what will get you the results you desire. Horse training guides are a great way to learn more about your passion. There is one I especially like as it uses natural horsemanship techniques in a series of videos. Don’t miss it!

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